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Perkins 700 series, M65 & M85T

M65 engine - identification letters UA

M85T engine - identification letters UC

  • Perkins 700 series Top gasket set, from

    Perkins 700 series & M65 Top gasket set

    A genuine Perkins 700 series top gasket set to fit engine codes beginning with UA.  Set Includes  Head gasket  Water pump gasket Head cover gasket Inlet manifold gasket Exhaust manifold gasket x 4 injector clamps valve stem oil...

    86.18 €
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  • Perkins 700 series Fuel Filter assembly - Glass with glass bowl Perkins 700 series Fuel Filter assembly - Aluminium

    Perkins 700 series Fuel Filter assembly

    Replacement Perkins fuel filter assembly for Perkins 700 series. This quality part has the correct 1/2" UNF thread original fittings and also has the advantage of using the more readily available canister type fuel filter. It has a glass bowl with drain...

    20.18 €
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  • Perkins 4.203 fuel filter from

    Perkins 700 series Fuel Filter

    A genuine fuel filter for servicing your Perkins 700 series engine Fits versions: UA - 704.30 UB - 704.26 UK delivery is 1st class post or courier. European and Worldwide shipping is also available.

    5.18 €
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  • Shaft Anode UK type, from

    Heavy duty propeller shaft zinc anode

    A quality heavy duty zinc shaft anode.  Manufactured to US military specification by Tecnoseal in Italy, one of the worlds leading suppliers of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the leisure boat market. This shaft anode...

    20.73 € - 30.55 €
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