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Perkins 700 series, M65 & M85T

M65 engine - identification letters UA

M85T engine - identification letters UC

  • Perkins 700 series Top gasket set, from

    Perkins 700 series & M65 Top gasket set

    A genuine Perkins 700 series top gasket set to fit engine codes beginning with UA.  Set Includes  Head gasket  Water pump gasket Head cover gasket Inlet manifold gasket Exhaust manifold gasket x 4 injector clamps valve stem oil...

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  • Perkins 700 series Fuel Filter assembly - Glass with glass bowl Perkins 700 series Fuel Filter assembly - Aluminium

    Perkins 700 series Fuel Filter assembly

    Replacement Perkins fuel filter assembly for Perkins 700 series. This quality part has the correct 1/2" UNF thread original fittings and also has the advantage of using the more readily available canister type fuel filter. It has a glass bowl with drain...

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  • Perkins 4.203 fuel filter from

    Perkins 700 series Fuel Filter

    A genuine fuel filter for servicing your Perkins 700 series engine Fits versions: UA - 704.30 UB - 704.26 UK delivery is 1st class post or courier. European and Worldwide shipping is also available.

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