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  • Yanmar Engine Pencil Anode

    Yanmar Engine Pencil Anode

    Quality aftermarket Yanmar zinc pencil anode.  Manufactured to US military specification by Tecnoseal in Italy, one of the worlds leading suppliers of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the leisure boat market. This pencil anode...

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  •  Yanmar 4" Flexible shaft Coupling, from  Yanmar 4"Flexible shaft Coupling, from

    Yanmar 4" (101.6mm) Flexible shaft Coupling

    A quality flexible drive shaft coupling for connecting the gearbox output flange to the propeller drive flange. Manufactured by R & D Marine this coupling fits Yanmar Kanzaki gear boxes fitted 4" (101.6mm) coupling. Gearbox Flange...

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  • MPM Antifreeze, from

    MPM Antifreeze Concentrate 5 litre

    Standard ethylene glycol concentrate (antifreeze) from MPM, can be used throughout the whole year in the cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines. This antifreeze should be further diluted before use with water in the recommended ratio. Freezing...

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