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About us

We Don't Just Sell Parts for Engines - It's our passion here at

Parts4Engines Ltd is a small friendly business specialising in providing genuine and aftermarket engine parts for Perkins and Volvo Penta diesel engines.

Operating out of Sheffield (UK) we continue to offer prompt replies to enquiries and excellent quality parts at realistic prices.

What makes us different
In 2010 we set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering great parts for engines.We strive to offer the most comprehensive overhaul and gasket sets available, using our detailed knowledge of each engine separately.

We have parts manufactured in the UK to our specifications using the highest quality materials and they represent excellent value.

We are specialists in aftermarket engine overhaul kits & parts for Perkins & Volvo Penta engines. International distribution & expert advice.

We don’t just sell products, we deliver quality parts through experienced professionals with a broad knowledge and a sophisticated approach, understanding the needs for every engine.

We supply Marine, Tractor, Excavator and Forklift Engine Parts.

We carry the widest selection of parts for the following engines:

  • Caterpillar 3024
  • Caterpillar 3054
  • Perkins 100 Series
  • Perkins Perama M20, M25, M30
  • Perkins 4.99
  • Perkins 4.107
  • Perkins 4.108, 4.108M
  • Perkins Prima 500 Series M50, M60, M80T
  • Perkins 4.154
  • Perkins 200 Series
  • Perkins 400 Series
  • Perkins 4.203 Series
  • Perkins 4.236
  • Perkins M90
  • Perkins 4.248
  • Perkins 6.354 Series
  • Perkins Phaser 1004
  • Perkins M92, M115T
  • Perkins Phaser 1006, M130C to M300Ti
  • Perkins M130C to M300Ti
  • Perkins P6
  • Perkins 1100 Series
  • Volvo Penta MD22
  • Volvo Penta TMD22
  • Volvo Penta TAMD22
  • Volvo Penta 2001
  • Volvo Penta 2002
  • Volvo Penta 2003
  • Volvo Penta MD2010
  • Volvo Penta MD2020
  • Volvo Penta MD2030
  • Volvo Penta MD2040
  • Volvo Penta D1-20
  • Volvo Penta D1-30
  • Volvo Penta D2-40
  • Volvo Penta D2-55
  • Volvo Penta D2-75