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Perkins 1106A-70T

  • Perkins 1106 fuel filter & water separator from Perkins 1106C Fuel Filter & Water Separator

    Perkins 1106C Fuel Filter & Water Separator

    A genuine OE replacement Perkins 1106 OE fuel filter and water separator cartridge. Designed to protect the fuel system from particulates and water found in fuel.Push on installation with water drain. Two filter versions with different Length are...

    £10.50 - £16.00
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  • Antifreeze & Coolant 2 Litre from

    Antifreeze & Coolant 2 Litre

    A Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) based engine coolant and anti-freeze concentrate from Comma. Gives up to 2 years protection against freezing and overheating. Suitable for use in all types of vehicle requiring an MEG coolant. Suitable for Ferrous and...

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  • Stainless Steel hose clips

    Stainless Steel hose clips

    Strong, good quality Stainless Steel (304 grade) worm drive clamps ideal for both the marine environment and industrial use. Band width 12.5mm Band diameter given in the options above is the 'maximum'. UK delivery is by 1st class Royal Mail,...

    £0.85 - £1.35
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  • MPM Antifreeze, from

    MPM Antifreeze Concentrate 5 litre

    Standard ethylene glycol (antifreeze from MPM, can be used throughout the whole year in the cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines. This antifreeze should be further diluted before use with water in the recommended ratio. Freezing point 60%...

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