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Perkins 1104A-44

  • Perkins 1100 Series Head gasket set from Parts4engines.com

    Perkins 1104 Series Head gasket set

    Perkins 1100 Series aftermarket Head gasket set manufactured in the UK using the highest quality gasketing materials.Set includes the following items: Head gasket Exhaust manifold gasket Rocker cover gasket 4 Inlet valve oil seals 4...

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  • Perkins 1104 range Main Bearings from Parts4engines.com

    Perkins 1104 range Main Bearing set

    This quality aftermarket set of main bearings for your Perkins 1104 series engine. They can be supplied as standard, 0.25mm, 0.5mm, and 0.75mm undersize. Fits versions: NH - 1104D-E44T NJ - 1104D-E44TA NK - 1104D-44 NL - 1104D-44T NM -...

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  • Perkins 1104 Pushrod from parts4engines.com

    Perkins 1104C & A series Pushrod

    Quality aftermarket pushrod to fit Perkins Perkins 1104A & 1104C series engines with the correct hardened ends. Suitable for the following engine codes: RE - 1104C-44 RF - 1104C-E44 RG - 1104C-44T RH - 1104C-E44T RJ -...

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  • Perkins 1100 series connecting rod - Parts4Engines.com

    Perkins 1100 series Connecting Rods

    High quality aftermarket Perkins 1100 series fractured connecting rods.  Available in different height grades and comes with a fitted and reamed 40mm small end bush.   *Please note, we don't stock all of the options but we can...

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  • Perkins 1100 series Alternator Belt - parts4engines.com

    Perkins 1100 series Alternator Belt

    Genuine OE Perkins alternator belts which are the correct fitment for Perkins 1100 series engines. *Please note that there are different belt lengths on these engines (make sure you check the sizes before placing the order).  Belt...

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  • Perkins 1104 Oil Pressure Switch - parts4engines.com

    Perkins 1104 & 1103 series Oil Pressure Switch

    Our standard aftermarket single spade oil pressure switch fits Perkins 1104 that take an earth supply from the engine block. It has a tapered screw thread and single spade type electrical connection for 12V or 24V systems. On marine versions,...

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  • Perkins 1104 Oil Filter from parts4engines.com

    Perkins 1104 Oil Filter

    A genuine OE Perkins 1104 and 1103 series oil filter (filter height 17cm) for engine codes: NH - 1104D-E44T NJ - 1104D-E44TA NK - 1104D-44 NL - 1104D-44T NM - 1104D-44TA RE - 1104C-44 RF - 1104C-E44 RG - 1104C-44T RH -...

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  • Liqui Moly Diesel Purge 1Litre 1811, from parts4engines.com

    Liqui Moly Diesel Purge 1Litre

    Liqui Molly Diesel Purge additive is designed to remove deposits on injection nozzles and combustion chambers as well as boosting the cetane number. It also helps to eliminate engine running problems such as knocking when idling and ensures smooth...

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  • Perkins 1100 series Pre-fuel filter, from parts4engines.com

    Perkins 1100 series Pre-fuel filter

    Genuine OE Perkins 1100 series Pre-fuel filter, to fit the following build codes: DC 1003C DD 1103C-33T DJ  1103A-33 DK 1103A-33T RE 1104C-44 RG 1104C-44T RJ 1104C-44TA RS 1104A-44T XK 1103D-33 XN  UK delivery is by 1st class...

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  • Wynn's Injector Cleaner , from parts4engines.com

    Wynn's Injector Cleaner

    Wynn's Injector cleaner for petrol and diesel engines, 325ml. Designed to neutralise the negative effects of water in fuel.  Details: Add to the fuel tank One bottle treats up to 60 liters Cleans the injectors of petrol and diesel...

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  • Perkins 1104D and 1104C Fuel filter - parts4engines.com

    Perkins 1100 Series Fuel filter

    A genuine OEM Perkins fuel filter for 1100 series engines, fits the following codes: 1103A engine codes beginning DJ and DK 1104D engine codes beginning with NK, NL and NM. 1104C engines codes beginning with RE, RG, RH, RJ, RK, RR and...

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  • Stainless Steel hose clips, from parts4engines.com

    Stainless Steel hose clips

    Strong, good quality Stainless Steel (304 grade) worm drive clamps ideal for both the marine environment and industrial use. Band width 12.5mm Band diameter given in the options above is the 'maximum'. UK delivery is by 1st class Royal Mail,...

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  • MPM Antifreeze, from parts4engines.com

    MPM Antifreeze Concentrate 5 litre

    Standard ethylene glycol concentrate (antifreeze) from MPM, can be used throughout the whole year in the cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines. This antifreeze should be further diluted before use with water in the recommended ratio. Freezing...

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  • Antifreeze & Coolant 2 Litre from parts4engines.com

    Antifreeze & Coolant 2 Litre

    A Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) based engine coolant and anti-freeze concentrate from Comma. Gives up to 2 years protection against freezing and overheating. Suitable for use in all types of vehicle requiring an MEG coolant. Suitable for Ferrous and...

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