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Perkins 402F-05

A two cylinder in-line naturally aspirated engine. Bore 67mm, displacement 0.507L. - Engine build code beginning EG.

  • Perkins 402F-05 Gasket set, from

    Perkins 402F-05 Gasket set

    A very comprehensive set of very high quality aftermarket gaskets and seals for Perkins 402F-05 engines.  The set includes: Cylinder head gasket - top quality laminated head gasket Induction manifold and rocker box cover nitrile seals and...

    £75.00 - £87.00
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  • Perkins 402-F05 Head gasket, from

    Perkins 402F-05 Head gasket

    Perkins 402F-05 aftermarket head gasket details: Depth 1.3mm UK delivery is by 1st class Royal Mail or courier. European and Worldwide shipping is also available.  

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  • Perkins 402F-05 Oil filter, from

    Perkins 402F-05 Oil Filter

    Genuine Perkins oil filter to fit Perkins 402F-05 engines.  For engine build codes beginning EG UK shipping is by Royal Mail or courier, worldwide shipping is also available.

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  • MPM Antifreeze, from

    MPM Antifreeze Concentrate 5 litre

    Standard antifreeze from MPM, can be used throughout the whole year in the cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines. This antifreeze should be further diluted before use with water in the recommended ratio. Freezing point 60% diluted: -26 °C...

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