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Perkins 103.11


  • Perkins 103.11 Connecting Rod -

    Perkins 103.11 Connecting Rod

    Quality aftermarket 103.11 connecting rod comes with the small end bush fitted and reamed to size, also included are 2 big end nuts and bolts. To fit 103.11, engine number beginning KS UK delivery is by courier, European and Worldwide...

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  • LUCAS Magnum 15w40 Motor Oil 5 Litres from LUCAS Magnum 15w40 Motor Oil 5 Litres from

    LUCAS Magnum 15w40 Engine Oil

    LUCAS Magnum SAE 15W40 engine oil is ideal for Perkins 100 & 700 series engines, Lucas claim this oil meets or exceeds manufacturers recommendations. It is designed to last up to twice as long as plain 15W-40 oils. It holds much more soot in...

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  • Perkins 100 series Pushrod -

    Perkins 100 series Pushrod

    Genuine Perkins OE pushrod to fit Perkins 100 series engines. Please choose from the following build codes beginning: Option 1: KA 102.04, KB 103.06, KL 103.07 & KLC, KN 102.05 & KNC Option 2: KC 103.09, KD 103.10 & KDC,...

    £4.10 - £5.02
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  • Wynn's Injector Cleaner , from

    Wynn's Injector Cleaner

    Wynn's Injector cleaner for petrol and diesel engines, 325ml. Designed to neutralise the negative effects of water in fuel.  Details: Add to the fuel tank One bottle treats up to 60 liters Cleans the injectors of petrol and diesel...

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  • Perkins 100 series 103.11 Injector Nozzle -

    Perkins 100 series 103.11 Injector Nozzle

    An excellent injector nozzle for Perkins 100 series engine build KS 103.11 that has the correct type of tip for agricultural versions of this engine.The nozzle is the only wearing part of the injector and with new injectors becoming...

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  • Perkins 100 Series Alternator belt - Perkins 100 Series Alternator belt -

    Perkins 100 Series Alternator belt

    Top quality alternator and water pump belt which is the correct fitment for standard engines like Perkins 100 Series. These belts are produced by 'Gates', the leading manufacturer of after-market belts. Please choose from the various options to get the...

    £9.50 - £10.50
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  • Perkins 100 series engine cooling fan -

    Perkins 100 series engine cooling fan

    Perkins 100 series engine cooling fan. This is a genuine Perkins replacement part and will fit the following industrial engine versions: Engine (code) and type: (KA) 102.04, (KB) 103.06, (KL) 103.07, (KN) 102.05. Fan...

    £30.00 - £31.00
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  • Stainless Steel hose clips, from

    Stainless Steel hose clips

    Strong, good quality Stainless Steel (304 grade) worm drive clamps ideal for both the marine environment and industrial use. Band width 12.5mm Band diameter given in the options above is the 'maximum'. UK delivery is by 1st class Royal Mail,...

    £0.85 - £1.35
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  • Antifreeze & Coolant 2 Litre from

    Antifreeze & Coolant 2 Litre

    A Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) based engine coolant and anti-freeze concentrate from Comma. Gives up to 2 years protection against freezing and overheating. Suitable for use in all types of vehicle requiring an MEG coolant. Suitable for Ferrous and...

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  • Perkins 100 Series Thermostat - Perkins 100 Series Thermostat 44 mm diameter -

    Perkins 100 Series Thermostat

    Thermostats for the full range of Perkins 100 series engines. There are two types used on these engines. Genuine Perkins 34mm diameter for engine build codes: KA - 102-04 KB - 103-06 KL - 103-07 KLC KN - 102-05 KS - 103.11 Quality aftermarket...

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