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Perkins TJ 6.3542 parts

We can supply parts for the range of TJ 6.3542 engines that Perkins designed for automotive, trucks and harvesters. With parts becoming hard to source, we have now put back into manufacture the core components needed to carry out a major overhaul of this classic engine.

  • Perkins 6.354 Bottom Gasket set from

    Perkins 6.354 Bottom Gasket set

    With the Perkins version of this gasket set now often having long lead times and all gaskets being partially stamped from a single sheet of gasket material, we decided to re-manufacture a complete bottom gasket and seals set for this engine, with each...

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  • Perkins TJ 6.3542 Oil pump - Perkins TJ 6.3542 Oil pump -

    Perkins 6.3542 Oil pump

    Quality aftermarket oil pump to fit your Perkins TJ 6.3542 engine. Fits the following build codes: TJ00286, TJ00287, TJ00288, TJ00292, TJ00322, TJ00361, TJ00363, TJ21611, TJ21790, TJ22034, TJ22083, TJ22189, TJ22256, TJ22413, TJ22414, TJ22414LX,...

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  • Perkins 6.354 connecting rod -

    Perkins 6.354 Connecting rod

    Perkins 6.354 connecting rod non fractured, a top quality part that comes with small end bush fitted and reamed to size, together with big end nuts and bolts. To fit Non Turbo versions: TC - 6.354 TD - H6.354 TG - 6.3541 TJ - 6.3542 TK - C6...

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  • Perkins 6.354 Pushrod from

    Perkins 6.354 Pushrod

    We have good quality pushrods available for Perkins 6.354. They have correctly hardened ends and fit all versions of these engines. It fits the following engine codes TC - 6.354 TD - H6.354 TE - T6.354 TF - HT6.354 TG - 6.3541 TH - T6.3541 TJ -...

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  • Comma classic  20w / 50 engine oil from

    Comma Classic 20W-50 Oil - 5 Litre

    Comma classic engine Mineral oil SAE 20W-50, ideal for older Perkins engines. Specially blended for older engines from the 60's, 70's and 80's where an oil of this quality and viscosity is recommended by the manufacturer.  UK delivery is by next...

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  • Perkins 6.354 Oil Filter from Perkins 6.354 Oil Filter (17cm) from

    Perkins 6.354 Oil Filter

    A quality genuine perkins OE oil filter to fit the majority of Perkins 6.354 variants, including the HT6.354 version. Filter with height of 13 cm will fit: TC - 6.354 TU - T6.3544 TW - 6.3544 TX - C6.3544 Filter with height of 17 cm will...

    £6.50 - £9.50
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  • Perkins 6.354 Oil Filter Conversion kit from

    Perkins 6.354 Oil Filter Conversion kit

    If you have one of the early marine versions of these engines with the paper oil filters inside a re-usable steel housing, then you will know what a messy business it is to do an oil change. A lot of oil can end up in the bilge! Our oil filter...

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  • Perkins 6.354 rocker arm set -

    Perkins 6.354 rocker arm set

    This set of replacement rocker arms fits Perkins 6.354 engineThe set comprises: 6 x right hand rocker arms 6 x left hand rocker arms These aftermarket parts are very well engineered and excellent value. Delivery by Royal mail or courier...

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    Perkins 6.354 Alternator Belt -

    Perkins 6.354 Alternator Belt

    Genuine alternator belts which are the correct fitments for Perkins 6.354 engines. *Please note that there are different belt lengths on these engines (make sure you check the sizes before placing the order).  Belt size 13 mm x 1300...

    £9.50 - £12.50
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  • Perkins 6.354 Oil Filler cap from

    Perkins 6.354 Oil Filler cap

    There are two sizes of filler cap used on Perkins 6.354. The larger cap fits factory marinised version, whilst the smaller cap fits automotive / industrial versions. To ensure that this cap is compatible with your engine, please choose between external...

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  • Perkins 6.354 fuel filter assembly with glass bowl from Perkins 6.354 fuel filter assembly with Alu from

    Perkins 6.354 Fuel Filter Assembly

    Replacement Perkins fuel filter assembly for Perkins 6.354. This quality part has the correct 1/2" UNF thread original fittings and also has the advantage of using the more readily available canister type fuel filter. It has a glass bowl with drain plug...

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  • 500 FG Turbine Fuel assembly

    500 FG Turbine Fuel filter assembly

    The 500FG is a quality aftermarket bulk-head mounted pre-filter. It features a turbine filtration system and is similar to the Racor 500FG.  It is designed to filter various contaminants such as water, dirt, rust, and algae   Turbine...

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  • Perkins 6.354 fuel filter - Perkins 6.354 fuel filter -

    Perkins 6.354 Fuel Filter

    A genuine replacement fuel filter for servicing your Perkins 6.354 engine  Two filter versions with different length are used on these engines, designed to protect the fuel system from particulates and water found in fuel.  Choose the...

    £4.75 - £6.50
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  • Perkins 6.354 Glowplug Thermostart from Spade connection: Perkins 6.354 Glowplug Thermostart from

    Perkins 6.354 Glowplug Thermostart

    Perkins 6.354 12v heater plug (thermostart). It can be supplied with either the 'spade' or alternative 'screw' type electrical connection. A burnt-out coil on your glowplug is often one of the main causes of poor cold weather starting. They are...

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  • Perkins 6.354 Fuel lift pump options - Perkins 6.354 2-Bolt Fuel lift pump -

    Perkins 6.354 Fuel lift pump

    Quality replacement diesel lift pumps for the Perkins 6.354 engine. These pumps are very well engineered and excellent value. 2-Bolt option to fit the following build codes TC 6.354  - TC00199, TC00206, TC00207, TC00214, TC00215, TC00216,...

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  • Perkins 6.354 all water pumps - Perkins 6.354 water pump -

    Perkins 6.354 water pumps

    We now offer a choice of four quality after market water pumps for the Perkins 6.354 range of engines. Please check our photos and listings with build code details to choose either option A, B, C or D. Each pump comes with gasket and a tube of...

    £65.00 - £125.00
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  • Perkins 6.354 Thermostat 70mm from Perkins 6.354 Thermostat 70mm from

    Perkins 6.354 Thermostat 70mm early version

    Perkins 6.354 Thermostat 70 mm (early version). Opening temperature is 78 deg. Will fit engine codes TC, TE, and TJ TC - 6.354 TE - T6.354 TJ - 6.3542 UK delivery is by 1st class Royal Mail. European and Worldwide delivery is available.

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  • Perkins 6.354 series Thermostat from

    Perkins 6.354 series Thermostat

    Perkins 6.354 series Thermostat fits engines with codes beginning: TG, TH, TJ, TP, TR, TT, TU, TV, TW, TX. 82°C thermostat to open. Main diameter 54 mm, thermostat includes jiggle pin. TG - 6.3541 TH - T6.3541 TJ - 6.3542 TP - T6.3543 TR - 6...

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  • Rydlyme Biodegradable Descaler - Rydlyme Biodegradable Descaler -

    Rydlyme Marine descaler

    Rydlyme Marine is a safe, biodegradable marine descaler developed to dissolve problematic fouling mediums including calcium, rust, mussels, barnacles, tiger shells and other scale formed mineral deposits that hinder the performance of vital water systems...

    £11.00 - £49.00
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  • Perkins 6.354 70A & 90A insulated return alternator P4E Perkins 6.354 90A high output (isolated earth) alternator from

    Perkins 6.354 series Alternator

    High quality Perkins 12v 6.354 alternators, earth return and insulated return. details Option 1. 12V 70A  Earth Return -  picks up earth connection from direct connection to engine Supplied with cooling fan and pulley...

    £83.00 - £198.00
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  • Antifreeze & Coolant 2 Litre from

    Antifreeze & Coolant 2 Litre

    A Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) based engine coolant and anti-freeze concentrate from Comma. Gives up to 2 years protection against freezing and overheating. Suitable for use in all types of vehicle requiring an MEG coolant. Suitable for Ferrous and...

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  • Shaft Anode UK type, from

    Heavy duty propeller shaft zinc anode

    A quality heavy duty zinc shaft and prop anode.  Manufactured to US military specification by Tecnoseal in Italy, one of the worlds leading suppliers of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the leisure boat market...

    £19.00 - £28.00
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  • Perkins tachometer & hour meter - Perkins tachometer & hour meter -

    Perkins Digital Tachometer & Hour Meter

    A quality universal water resistant tachometer and hour meter, ideal for use in the marine environment and manufactured exclusively for Parts4engines Ltd.  This tachometer can be configured to work in conjunction with alternators, magnetic...

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  • Perkins Engine Paint primer from

    Engine Paint Primer

    Engine enamel paint primer manufactured as a match for our top coat colours. Mid Grey This is a high quality, '2 hour' drying time one-part Synthetic Alkyd Enamel. It offers fast surface drying, good through drying even in thick films and...

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  • Perkins Engine Paint from

    Perkins Engine Paint

    Engine enamel paint manufactured as a match for Perkins engine paints and manufactured solely for Parts4Engines. Marine Blue - extensively used by Perkins on early marine engines such as the 4.108 Dark Blue - used predominantly on Perkins industrial...

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